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Adv Options Price Configuration
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Adv Options Price Configuration

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They need to have more information on this app. I was sold this App without being told that it only works if you use the Option Type of Dropdown or Radio. I had several items that use checkmark and it did not work. So we lost money on some orders that were using the checkmark feature. I even bought this from a Sales Rep. and he did not inform me to check this before activating it on our site. Also, If you change the + or - price on an existing item inside options it does not change it at the Advanced Option Level. You still have to go fix it there. Double work.
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Q: What does this do and how does it compare to the "Option Rules" plugin?

Asked by: Greg Aanes (5/9/2017)
A: The OPTIONS RULES plugin allows to create parent-child dependencies between options, so it' a great solution when you only need to require an option selection based on the value entered for another option.

The Advanced Options Price Configuration is specific to the use of Advanced Options in your 3dcart store. Installing this app will overwrite the PRICE entered in the product and in the options selection, and will use an absolute price specified at the Advanced Option level.

For example, you could say the this Shirt in Blue - X-large is $17, Regardless of the price specified for the product or for the blue and XL options.
Answer provided by: Henry (2/21/2018)

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