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Convermax Search

Convermax Search

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Convermax Search
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Shoppers increasingly turn to search. A recent Nielsen-Norman Group study showed 83% of online shoppers turn to site search. If an online store has poor search, shoppers abandon it. 5 key types of shoppers use search: Product Focused, Browsers, Researchers, and Bargain Hunters. All need slightly different things from search. Product focused shoppers want speed/ relevance. A browser will spend time on your site, as long as they can discard what doesn't interest them. A great search experience is the key to their conversion. Researchers rely on search to learn, so providing great product description pages, similar and related item listings, and rich auto-complete help them. Bargain hunters love deals and seeing similar items. Impulse buyers buy for the joy of shopping and the deal. Convermax gives you everything these shoppers need.

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I love most things about 3dcart, it is pretty much ready to use right out of the box. However, I found their search feature really lacking. So I started the long and frustrating search for a great company that could replace the generic search capabilities of 3dcart. When my customers went to search a particular item, the search engine would display 5 results and gave no indication that there were many more items to search for. I was losing business and getting a lot of phone calls from frustrated customers who "knew" we carried a certain item but didn't know how to find it. If the customer typed in a keyword, 5 results would display, but they couldn't view all the results unless they pressed enter after entering the complete search terms. Seems like a no brainer but a lot of people didn't know to press enter after entering the exact right search term. My sales and conversions were plummeting. What I found in general was that most companies that were able to integrate with 3dcart and replace their search engine were targeting big businesses. They weren't really even interested in talking to you if your sales are under a million. Finally I found Convermax. All I can say is "whoa"! This has all the bells and whistles and is very reasonably priced. My conversions and sales have really increased. In addition, their customer service is AWESOME. It really is. I had a few hiccups and they were taken care of immediately. I have never had to wait more than 30 seconds on chat. I would list potential downsides, but I honestly can't think of any. I have absolutely no person interest in this company and my opinion is totally unbiased. If you are in the market for a kick ass search engine, look no further! I really do believe that most companies will see an increase in sales and conversions.

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