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Product Page Get-a-Quote
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Product Page Get-a-Quote

Add a Get-A-Quote button to your product page and allow visitors to request more information.
$199 one-time
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Get a CRM contact form that can be linked from the product page for products. When the link is clicked, a modal window will pop up with a preview of the product thumbnail, name and part number. You can also add additional questions for the customer to answer. The form will send an email using the built-in CRM system and will include the product details and the contact information.

Great for products requiring additional questions, quote requests, etc.

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For the amount of money this app cost, it is a huge disappointment. It could be such a great tool so easily - with just a few tweaks - but is not. There are no settings, no control, and no - (even though it says you can) you can not add additional questions...at least not the way they would like you to think. Maybe if you're a coding guru. Big disappointment.
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from msi-viking.com
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Questions and Answers

Q: Can you allow the customers request a quote on more than one items? thanks!

Asked by: David (3/10/2017)
A: Yes, this can be used for all the products in your store.
Answer provided by: Henry (2/21/2018)

Q: Is it possible to add another field so the customer can enter a quantity?

Asked by: Joe (3/6/2018)
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Q: Is it possible to have this app function WITHOUT having "not for sale" checked?

Asked by: Joe (3/14/2019)
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