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Walmart Marketplace Integration

Walmart Marketplace Integration

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Walmart Marketplace Integration
  • Bulk import products from your 3dcart store to Walmart
  • Have the option to sync quantity automatically/manually
  • Flawless order fulfillment/shipment on Walmart
  • Saves you time by auto-updating your inventory with full product details, including professional images
  • Ability to Filters and sort products by tittle, sku, type, status and more.
  • Ability to Make Product updates in Bulk, such as Tittle, price description and more.
  • Dedicated Account Manager for Step by Step Assistance with the Working of App, now with call scheduling.
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Walmart Marketplace - Integration By Cedcommerce: Connect your 3dCart online store with and get orders from the world’s leading marketplace platform. The extension channelizes your efforts and streamlines your selling operations. 

  • Lists the Products: All your 3dCart store products are imported to be listed on Walmart. 
  • Matches Product Edit: The changes made in the product information are reflected at Walmart. 
  • Matches Inventory: Updates the exact status of product inventory after the sales of products made from your online store and Walmart. 
  • Uploads Products in Bulk: You can upload all your products at once on the 
  • Auto Acknowledgement: Accepts orders automatically from Walmart on your behalf.
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