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efulfillment Service

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efulfillment Service
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EFS Fulfillment Services

Attain higher customer satisfaction and loyalty from your customers through the comprehensive and reliable fulfillment services that EFS provides to your business.

eFulfillment Service specializes in providing outsourced order fulfillment, storage, and returns processing services for Internet-based retailers and wholesalers. Their fulfillment and storage pricing is the best in the business, and all clients receive discounts on their outbound shipping - discounts that can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars per year. No tricky terms, no long term contracts, no expensive setups, no hidden fees, and friendly Midwesterners!

How it works:

  • You send your products to be stored at EFS fulfillment center
  • Customers order your products from your 3dcart store
  • 3dcart sends the order automatically to EFS shipping center
  • EFS ships the products to your customers
  • EFS automatically updates orders status on your 3dcart store (New)
  • EFS automatically updates inventory on your 3dcart store (New)
*Price is subject to change. Please contact partner for details.
Company Contact
Phone: 1.866.922.6783
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