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Reserve Inventory

Reserve Inventory

Reserve Inventory
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Selling time-sensitive goods like tickets or items that are likely to sell out quickly? Keep your stock ship-shape with the Reserve Inventory app, a feature that protects items in a shopper’s cart they haven’t bought just yet.

Add this app to your 3dcart store to make sure items already in a shopper’s cart can’t be claimed by other shoppers for 15 minutes, giving your customer enough time to check out without skewing inventory numbers. If a customer doesn’t buy the item in 15 minutes, it’s automatically re-added to your inventory and made available to other shoppers.

Company Contact
Phone: 1.800.828.6650
* This App is supported by 3dcart.
Questions and Answers
Q: Does this app allow the user to adjust the time or is it static at 15 minutes?
Asked by: Nick - 10/13/2017
A: The time can be adjusted according to your preferences, but it's a global setting and it cannot be different per product.
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Answer provided by:  Henry (2/21/2018)
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