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DataFeedWatch enables 3D-merchants to optimize their data feeds and ROI for Google and 200+ other Shopping Channels.

Shopping Feeds

Increase sales and qualified traffic to your online store with a cutting-edge shopping feed solution. Easily list and manage shopping feeds, optimize your products for shopping engines, and improve campaigns with access to insightful analytics. With the help of a shopping feed solution, you can reap all the rewards of selling on multiple marketplaces without having to lift a finger.
Starts at $29/m

Product feed solution for Amazon, Google, Facebook and 200+ ecommerce channels.

SmartFeed, Inc
$69.95/mo. +

SmartFeedTM Product Feed Manager is a on-line marketing on-demand solution specializing in the efficiency of transmitting product feeds to many shopping comparison engines and marketplaces while tracking each shopping portals performance down to the click.

Product Feeds - Yahoo

Pricing plans are based on the number of products in your store, starting at just $9/mo

Free - £570

Linnworks integrates with over 65 Marketplaces, Website platforms and Shipping couriers.

JET.com Integration

3dCart-Jet Integration app, An easiest way to push store product on the jet and automate order and inventory in a single platform.