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Countdown Timer
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Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer & Checkout Timer app to add urgency and increase conversions on your site.
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About Countdown Timer

Create urgency during shoppers’ purchase decisions for higher conversions with a custom counter. POWr Countdown Timer lets you count down to any time on any date. Perfect for flash sales, event pages, special promotions, birthdays, weddings, babies, holidays, and more!

Add custom text and a button to your counter or checkout timer to offer coupon or discount codes and direct customers to your sale landing page on your site. Show a custom message or button to redirect your visitors during and after your count has ended. Make the countdown timer automatically repeat, so you never have to remember to set it up! Reset the checkout timer for each new visitor, so every visitor sees their own X minutes remaining on a special sale or offer. Add it to any product, featured product or page on your site.

Fully-customizable on any site with adjustable colors, fonts, borders and backgrounds.

Edit right in your page with no coding or programming required.

Need help getting set up? If you have any questions or need help getting up and running with POWr Countdown TImer, we’re here to help! We offer a Help Center for answers, free support and our awesome team are available by email 24 hours a day.

App Features
  • Display years, days, hours, minutes, and seconds on your timer.
  • Automatically reset your timer per visitor or at the end of the countdown.
  • Count down to a specific date or number; or count up from any past date.
  • Add it to any product, featured product or page on your site.
  • Supports text in any language and is Mobile responsive on any device.
Countdown Timer
Countdown Timer
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Countdown Timer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this work on category and product levels not overall store level? We are looking to create categories with different dates to order by and use the countdown to help push customers to buy before that date. Each category will have its own date to count down to.

Asked by: whataslacker (9/19/2017)
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Q: my app is not showing up on site...first time using

Asked by: Michael Tener (5/16/2019)
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