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Smartarget Information Message
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Smartarget Information Message

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About Smartarget Information Message

Information Message - The right way to communicate information with users

Smartarget developed a plugin for 3dcart so you can communicate information to users in a visible way, yet not intrusive.

The Information Message will be shown to users on all pages, both on desktop and mobile, and will allow you to communicate with them relevant information that you believe is important for them to know.

Check the Demo page to see how it work: https://smartarget.online/demo.html

How to install:
1. Go to `Modules` and search for `REST`. Click on `Settings`
2. Click on `Add`
3. Paste the app key e513b71e0e3a74c0376f579772666097
4.Click on `Save`

App Features
  • Share important information with customers
  • Promote special deals, discounts and new items
  • Set any call to action message
Smartarget Information Message
Smartarget Information Message
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