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Advanced Shipping Manager
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Advanced Shipping Manager

Advanced Shipping Manager for 3dcart is the only shipping solution for your online store. No other product offers more features or more control over shipping.
About Advanced Shipping Manager

Advanced Shipping Manager for 3Dcart is the only shipping solution for your online store. No other product offers more features or more control over your shipping rates and accuracy. Our customers say that it pays for itself immediately! What will you gain as an ASM customer?

Enjoy complete control over shipping in your online store with Advanced Shipping Manager for 3D Cart.

Whats Included with the Connector?

This connector enables the 3dcart integration to the Advanced Shipping Manager Service.

*A $85 Monthly Subscription Account with Advanced Shipping Manager is Required and is separate from the 3dcart Connector Fee.  Please contact partner for details.

App Features
  • ORIGIN ZIP CODE FOR EACH ITEM: Designate the zip code from which the item ships from and create shipping rules for each zip code.
  • DIMENSIONS: Set the dimensions of any item in order to properly calculate shipping costs.
  • BLOCK SHIPPING METHODS: Block any shipping method(s) from being used when it is not compatible with specific item(s).
  • SHIP INDIVIDUAL ITEMS ALONE: Designate specific products as Ship Alone and use your existing shipping rules to calculate shipping or set a flat rate.
  • MULTI-BOX ITEMS: Set the weight and dimensions (dimensions are optional) of your products that ship in multiple boxes eliminating any miscalculations due to not being able to specify your items multiple boxes.
  • SHIPPING TABLES: Create a shipping rule table that calculates shipping based on weight, order total or a flat rate.
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Advanced Shipping Manager Reviews
ASM saved my business!
My online store is somewhat unique in that we sell and ship hazardous materials as well as items which are non-hazardous. Shipping of hazardous materials is very expensive and is highly regulated by the Department of Transportation.

In order for my web site to work, I needed software which could differentiate between hazardous and non-hazardous products, pick the appropriate shipping method, calculate accurate shipping rates, exclude areas forbidden by law, and offer "free" pick up to my local customers.

By the time I found King Webmaster, my online business was on the verge of collapsing because of shipping. "Always the (expletive) shipping" should have become our motto because it was uttered with great frequency and regularity.

Knowing this was a tall order to fill, I was surprised when the King Webmaster rep told me their Advanced Shipping Manager software would do everything I need and more without any additional programming. Problem solved.

To make a long story short, I've been using Advanced Shipping Manager for over a year. So easy to use. Just set it and forget it. If however you need support (which I have a couple times), King Webmaster is responsive and helpful.

I know, especially for a new website, the monthly rate for this software appears steep. However, for me, this was a matter of life and death for my business so it is well worth it. Believe me, if I had to hire a programmer to code what I needed, it would have cost a lot more. I spoke to a couple programmers who told me what I needed couldn't be done. The ones who said they could wanted thousands of dollars to do it. On the other hand, King Webmaster had what I needed right out of the box for a comparatively low monthly price.

Advanced Shipping Manager might not be needed by everyone. However, if you are having headaches with shipping on your website, Advanced Shipping Manager is the cure. My advice is to bite the bullet, move forward, and don't look back. It will be the smartest decision you have made in a long time.

No. This is not a paid endorsement or shill review. If in doubt, you can verify the authenticity of this review by contacting me though my website www.jmreloadingsupply.com. I'll be happy to answer any questions about my experience.

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from Bakersfield, CA
Needed a custom shipping project for our website, ASM did a good job getting it done. Definitely recommend them.
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from los angeles, ca
Powerful shipping solution for drop-shipers
If you drop ship and utilize multiple sources in different geographical locations, then I would highly recommend checking out ASM from KingWebmaster. Due to the nature of the products that we sell (tires), we figured out long ago that the only way for us to be cost competitive with larger retailers was for us to be able to source and drop ship the same products from multiple locations across the US.

ASM manages this in a way that is transparent to the customer. They see a rate that is calculated based on their zip code and the origin zip codes for each product in their cart. There are so many other features that ASM has that I couldn’t possibly list them all in this brief review. I will say that we have some fairly unique shipping needs and so far ASM has met every one of them. Even if the function that we needed wasn’t included with the base ASM app, there are numerous available add-ons that cover a wide variety of specific functions (package bundling, for example).

Our sales are up sharply this year and I have no doubt that a significant portion of the increase is due to our ability to calculate shipping costs to the penny. Now that we can calculate shipping based on the origin for each product individually, we are able to utilize the FedEx API to have ASM fetch and display actual real-time rates. No more overcharging some customers while undercharging others because we are forced to estimate our shipping costs.

One thing I’d like to see improved is the way that ASM interfaces with 3DCart. Currently, all of the ASM variables are managed in a separate database table within 3DCart. This is not an issue in everyday use, but it can get dicey when it comes to bulk product maintenance. Part of the reason is that the 3DCart database manager does not allow you to upload a subset of ASM variables. In other words, you have to include every variable for each product that you are modifying each time you update the ASM database. Since the only variable that we update with any regularity is the shipping origin, this gets to be cumbersome. Hopefully this will be addressed in a future revision.

ASM is definitely a powerful tool that won’t be necessary for everyone, but if your shipping needs fall outside of the capabilities provided with 3DCart’s basic shipping calculator, then I would highly recommend giving KingWebmaster a call. Both Dan and Burt were extremely knowledgeable and provided us with a great deal of assistance to get us up and running.

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from Newburyport, MA
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
Dan and the team at Advanced Shipping Manager were great to work with. If you want anything near flexible shipping then you have to go with ASM. Thanks Dan & Burt
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from DE
Awesome program!
For any merchant who has unique & complex shipping calculation needs, I would highly recommend King Webmaster's Advanced Shipping Manager for 3D Cart. Prior to using ASM, we were burning through massive amounts of money on incorrect (low) shipping rates. ASM is worth every penny, and has performed perfectly every time. Note: if you have a REALLY unique shipping matrix like us, it will take a bit of trial and error, but luckily ASM support is great...once you have it all set-up the right way you are good to go!
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from Atlanta, GA
Web Designer
One of the best customers servies i ever had. These guys are great to work with and are very helpful when you have a question or problem that need immediate attention. Highly recommend when you need a 3 party shipping company!
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from Boca Raton, FL
Extraordinary Service
These guys are the best I've dealt with in many many years. Dan & Burt were both very helpful and very prompt with their responses.
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from www.rollerchain4less.com
Phenomenal Custom Shipping Solution
Nothing but great things to say about the Advanced Shipping Manager team. I have dealt with Juan, Burt, and Dan for a while now and they always help me find a solution to our company's needs. We spent over a year's time and thousands of dollars to try and find a shipping solution with the flexibility our company requires to grow. We found that with ASM and we couldn't be happier.
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from www.StockPKG.com
Great App!
We have had great success using Advanced Shipping Manager. We are now able to create shipping options that are not available within 3dcart. The support provided by Advanced Shipping Manager has been great.
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from www.americanrvcompany.com
Cool Plugin
This is a really cool plugin and fills many of the gaps that 3dcart overlooked. I am definitely disappointed that 3dcart doesn't let you set a flat shipping rate per product. ASM lets you do this and many other cool things. I don't like paying $85 a month plus extra for freight carrier integration, but their support has been very helpful. Dan at ASM has been fantastic to work with and their plugin provides lots of cool functionality.
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from Layton
ASM allowed us to take shipping in a much more cost effective direction more than 3dcart's options could do for us. We ship construction parts from 1 lbs to 2,000 lbs all over the U.S., Canada, Alaska and Hawaii. Costs vary radically. Burt is my ASM contact and can be reached immediately to assist me with various revisions due to UPS or Pallet Freight calculations and adding/eliminating certain states/countries due to cost variences.
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from www.bairproducts.com
Reduced Shipping Errors
We found that errors in shipping were reduced once we started using ASM. We have complicated shipping methods depending on locations and items. ASM has been helpful to streamline what can be shipped where.
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from www.americanag.com
Advanced shipping management
Burt was great. This is a great option for advanced shipping needs. Thank you
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from Www.seacodepot.com
The Advanced Shipping Manager does everything for me that I need, that the stock shipping option can't. I really like it!
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from tenniscourtsupply.com
Great Shipping App
Allows you to remove AK and HI- Allows to exclude any item from any shipping option (no instore pick up for this item or no shipping to HI for that item) Huge help for Free Shipping items and a cool point system to boot!!
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from Homebrewing.org
Fantastic Software and Even Better Service!
Advanced Shipping Manager is a great addition to any Website that wants to offer the best shipping options to their customers. If you have any idea on what you want to accomplish shipping wise, Advance Shipping Manager has it available or the team will create it and add it to the app so that you can do it. Burt, Dan, Ryan and the rest of the ASM team are supremely helpful and they know their product inside and out and upside down. I highly recommend this product. A helpful and knowledgeable staff like this is a rare commodity and their shipping software offers the best options for shipping bar none.
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from BoatTrailerParts.com
Logistics Manager
This app is an amazing addition to our store, it really helped simply things and definitely reduced a major headache.
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from Ocean NJ
Life saver!
We ship large (oversized) items, heavy items...the kinds of products that don't tend to have accurate shipping calculations with "out of the box" shipping calculators. In our case, the ASM Advanced Shipping Manager app has been a life saver. No more under or over charging customers for shipping, which is a real win-win. Dan, Lance, and everyone at ASM that we've worked with has been tremendously helpful. I highly recommend Advanced Shipping Manager to anyone who has shipping calculation needs that are beyond the built-in capabilities of the shopping cart.
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from Georgia
Requires add ons for anything better than the base 3dcart system
We wanted to be able to use dimensions and weights to accurately calculate shipping. They said that we would have to assign "points" to specific boxes. Points being an abject value we determine, then add to all the products. Well, that is what we already do in 3Dcart ... so it's not really better. In addition, having the "points" is an additional fee of $20 per month. SO over $100 month for the same style of abject calculations we can do in 3Dcart. That's not an improvement for us unfortunately.
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from Texas
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