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Doogma Designer
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Doogma Designer

the Doogma Designer™ is an easy-to-use online design solution which can be easily incorporated into your 3dcart store
$299 - $749 /month
About this app

Product Customization and Personalization Suitable for virtually any product which can be personalized or customized, the Doogma Designer™ is an easy-to-use online design solution which can be easily incorporated into your e-commerce offering right here on 3DCart. 

Sell More Personalized and Custom Items with the Doogma Designer™ In a few easy steps, you can start selling customizable items on your own website. 

Customers will love designing their own versions of your products on your site. What's more, they can instantly share their designs on Facebook and help to direct even more traffic to your site! Our online product designer will have you selling personalized custom goods in no time! 

Not sure how to go about it? Doogma's professional services team will be happy to help.

App Features
  • Sell any kind of custom or personalized items
  • Fun, easy-to-use
  • Design-Your-Own user experience
  • Save and Share Designs
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • Dynamic pricing
Doogma Designer
Doogma Designer
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Doogma Designer Reviews
Please think twice...
I first contacted doogma asking for their pricing plan, because it is not listed on their site. I was contacted by one of their members that was quite interested in my business. I told them that because of the nature of my product that it would be a VERY design heavy product, and that i probably couldn't afford their services. Aaron assured me that we could work things out and that it'd take two weeks. Even after i presented them with a long list of things i'll need done. The attitude on Doogma's end was very positive in the beginning. 4 long months (not 2 weeks) of having to micromanage Doogma, i was presented with this as the finished product... type w w w . youtube . com/ watch?v=hYix-_LFxaE (take out spaces) (also note, i had to pay $250 a month for 4 months, for them to learn how to install it on my website, learn how to code, etc) In that video, notice that there are drop down menus that are supposed to be hidden (everything is supposed to be done through the designer). I have given them a 2 star review instead of a 1 because the end product was good. The designer finally works, and looks realistic. This is after an unreasonable amount bartering to get it to look like we originally agreed upon. If doogma would REALLY tell you what you're going to end up paying, i promise you, you wouldn't go with them. Also, they don't mention that they work Mon-Thurs. if you have a problem with the designer thursday night, you won't hear back for 3-4 days. Also, They're also located in Israel(time difference) and the individual phone numbers they have to look official, are skype phone numbers. Not real phone numbers. Also, you'll have to pay an even larger sum of monthly dues if you want your designer to work on an iphone or mobile device. If not, it looks really bad when the potential client comes to that page. Also, theres a lot of passing the buck. If you have a problem with one thing, you have to speak to someone that will pass you off onto another. Please, think twice before going with Doogma. There are a ton of really good, quality product builders out there. Do your research.
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Questions and Answers

Q: Hi, I have a 3dcart store and would like to integrate some engraved product in it. Can you provide some reference Store URL to check out this app.

Asked by: Apurva (4/5/2019)
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Q: Since this app has such a poor review and the price is so high, has anyone found a better alternative for me to use?

Asked by: Junior (2/19/2020)
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