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eCommerce Automation Bundle
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eCommerce Automation Bundle

Streamline your business, save time and labor with the best eCommerce automation tools
About eCommerce Automation Bundle
eCommerce Automation Features Bundle

While 3dcart's PRO plan includes the complete suite of eCommerce Automation features, your store might not be ready for the PRO plan yet. Grow your business with this amazing feature pack, unlock all our eCommerce Automation tools for one affordable monthly price.

The eCommerce Automation Bundle includes:

  • Automation Rules
    Automation Rules are a powerful and versatile 3dcart feature. They make it easy to set up automated actions that take place when a customer's order meets certain conditions.

  • Autoresponders
    Autoresponders are a method for sending out automatic, personalized emails to customers after they place an order. This can be a single "Thank You" email sent out immediately, but can also expand to follow-up emails sent over a period of time. You can customize the follow-up emails however you see fit, and include review requests, exclusive coupons, related product recommendations, and more.

  • Newsletter SmartLists
    Newsletter SmartLists automatically group your customers and mailing list subscribers based on customizable criteria, providing a hassle-free method to designate different customers to receive specifically targeted newsletter campaigns. SmartLists can create dynamic groups based on customer order status, location, purchase date, signup date, location, order amount, and much more. Customers are automatically added and removed from SmartLists according to whether they meet the conditions.

  • Abandoned Cart Saver
    Abandoned Cart Saver, an automated system for sending scheduled reminder emails to shoppers who abandoned their carts. Since there are so many possible reasons for cart abandonment, Abandoned Cart Saver lets you create and customize detailed campaigns that can address multiple situations that may have caused the customer to abandon their cart. Some customers can be enticed with discounts, while others simply forgot and can be recovered with a single reminder.

  • Waiting List & Back In-Stock Notifications
    Sometimes, no matter how well you prepare, popular products are going to run out of stock. While some customers will simply shop elsewhere for that item, others prefer the convenience of joining a waiting list with back-in-stock notifications. Automation makes this as simple for you as it is for the customer — as soon as you add more of a sold-out product to your inventory, all customers on the waiting list for that product will receive an automated notification.

  • Autoship Recurring Orders
    The AutoShip/Recurring order system allows customers to select the preferred frequency for their orders when adding products to the cart; the frequency is specified per product so customers can have multiple AutoShip orders at the same time. In addition, the My Account section is used to manage the recurring orders online, change their frequency, cancel an AutoShip order, update the credit card information, etc.
Feature Pack

The eCommerce Automation Bundle includes:

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