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Group Deals

Group Deals

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Group Deals
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Group Deals

Are you sick and tired of housing old merchandise inside your online store? Do you want to move your products in bulk and with greater frequency? Well, with 3dcart's revolutionary Group Deals module, now you can! Here's how it works. Define a product to be featured, list a sale price and select the minimum number of participants needed for the deal to go through. So, for example, if you set the number of Group Deal participants at 20, then 20 people will have to partake in the deal in order for it to go through. How does this help you sell more? That's simple. By offering a whopping discount on a specific product and limiting it to groups only, you will generate increased revenue while creating a viral marketing environment inside your eCommerce website.

Why you'll love Group Deals
  • Move merchandise more frequently and at a higher volume
  • Make more money
  • Create a viral marketing environment
  • Increase eCommerce exposure
  • Encourage social sharing
  • Unique countdown clock creates urgency
  • Completely customizable framework
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Phone: 1.800.828.6650
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