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Automate inventory management, order routing and multichannel selling so that you can "put your 3dCart store on autopilot!"™
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About this app

Automated Inventory Management

Reduce your backorders. Sync with multiple vendors via email/FTP/SFTP/API to automatically update inventory on your 3dcart store. Hublogix can work with a variety of formats - txt, csv, excel or XML. Updates occur as often as every 15 minutes.

Automated Order Routing

Instantly route orders to the right vendor. Hublogix can format purchase orders (csv, txt, PDF, etc) and send them to vendors automatically. Purchase orders can be send via email attachment, STFP, FTP or API. Orders can be sent in batches.

Automated Tracking Number Retrieval

Bring-in shipment tracking numbers via email attachment/FTP/SFTP/XML and auto-update them to your store. It will also mark items as shipped and separately upload tracking numbers for each line item within the order.

App Features
  • Perfect for working with multiple third-party vendors, drop-shippers, or fulfillment centers.
  • Automatically create correctly formatted purchase orders and send them to your vendors
  • Reduce backorders and increase sales by automatically keeping stock statuses up-to-date.
  • Fetch tracking numbers, update them to your store and mark orders shipped automatically
  • Sync with Amazon Marketplace and sell multichannel
Support Information
Website: hublogix.com
Phone: 1-404-418-8955
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