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Multiple Distributors
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Multiple Distributors

Process and ship individual items from multiple distribution areas as needed. In other words, have an item shipped from multiple distributors to save on shipping costs when applicable.
About this app

Distribution can be complicated, especially for online stores that sell globally. Keep things simple and cost-efficient with the Multiple Distributors app, a 3dcart add-on that empowers merchants to set specific distributors dynamically based on region (e.g. Distributor A handles the west coast, Distributor B handles the east coast). Whenever a customer places an order, it’ll be fulfilled by the distributor designated for the shipping address.

NEW! Manage distributor exceptions from ORDERS > MANAGE ORDERS > EDIT. Just click the distributor name on this page to see a list of other distributors and choose the one you want to use for that order. You can also change the item cost.

App Features
  • Set up your product's multiple distribution centers – including which areas each distributor will ship to. (EXAMPLE: Distributor A will handle West Coast desitinations while Distributor B will handle East Coast)
  • Your clients place the order on your 3dcart store
  • Order will be shipped using the applicable distributor
Support Information
Website: www.3dcart.com
Phone: 1.800.828.6650
* This App is supported by 3dcart.
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Multiple Distributors
The app does allow you to assign multiple distributors to a product, but what they fail to mention, is that it doesn't allow you to track inventory levels by those various distributors - and unless you are utilizing a separate inventory tracking program that failure makes it nearly worthless in practical application
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Questions and Answers

Q: Can shipping be calculate from the closest distributor using multiple UPS accounts?

Asked by: Rex (1/31/2017)
A: This plugin will allow you to specify matching States for each distributor, and multiple distributors for each product. At the time of checkout, the distributor used will be determined based on the State of the customer by comparing with the States specified for each distributor. Then it'll use that address to calculate the shipping rate, but it would only use the 1 UPS account you have specified in your Shipping Settings.
Answer provided by: Henry (2/1/2017)

Q: Will this app allow you to set up international distributors. Say any orders made in Australia, for certain items, will ship from an Australian warehouse? And then will a local shipping rate be factored in?

Asked by: Tom (11/18/2017)
A: Yes, you can add distributors from different countries and it'll match the right distributor based on the customer's location. The shipping rates can be set up to calculate from the distributor's address as the origin address.
Answer provided by: Henry (2/21/2018)

Q: Is there a limit as to how many distributors i can have?

Asked by: twessling (6/30/2017)
A: No, there is no limit regarding the number of distributors you can have.
Answer provided by: Henry (2/21/2018)

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