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FREE - $99
FREE Plan: No Risk
  • Immediate access to our USPS rate partners delivering HEAVILY DISCOUNTED POSTAGE reserved for Fortune 500 companies
  • MULTI-CARRIER SHIPPING from a single screen: UPS, FedEx and USPS labels generated within the app
  • Streamlined order fulfillment with BATCH processing and print functionality
  • Auto-populate customs forms and simplify INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS
  • REAL TIME UPDATES back to your 3dcartstore, including shipping status and tracking numbers
  • EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS to your customers (optional) with tracking numbers reducing queries and reassuring buyers
  • 1 click Returns using original shipment settings and PDF straight to your customer for easy print and send
  • Easy processing of NON-STORE ORDERS for those originating outside your store (eg markets, retail store)
  • A friendly, helpful, available SERVICE TEAM a phone call or email away: 1-888-603-9495; support@shippingeasy.com
  • FREE plan for smaller merchants shipping less than 50 packages per month (or to trial your first 50 shipments)
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3dcart+ ShippingEasy

The right combination for easy, fast, inexpensive shipping
3dcart syncs automatically with ShippingEasy, downloading in all your order details in minutes and helping you assign shipping preferences, rates and delivery options in real-time. No cut and paste. No manual updates.

Save up to 46%
Finally, access to competitive USPS rates – in fact, the cheapest around. For example: USPS Priority Mail: Medium Flat Rate box: retail $12.35, our price: $10.65 – a savings of $1.70 on a single shipment. Built in savings! All part of the service.

Get connected. Fast.
As a growing business, you know the importance of selling on multiple places and integrating with multiple carriers. That’s why we integrate with USPS, UPS, FedEx, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Jane.com, Newegg, PayPal, and Storenvy.

Company Contact
Phone: 1.888.603.9495
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Customer Reviews (6)

ShippingEasy has made the operation of shipping through Paypal payments/orders and our 3DCart website seamless, even from two different shops with two different people processing shipments! A true benefit for the business, time saving, no more cutting and pasting, it imports, click quick ship and your label is ready for downloading and printing. As a small business it benefits us greatly, I can't imagine the time savings for a large business. Support is top notch with ShippingEasy (and US based!).

--- from Orange City Florida. on 9/10/2014

I looked for a long time to find something online that would link my 3dcart with my ebay and amazon orders. This is it. And if you have a question, there is somebody there to help.

--- from Langley WA. on 6/15/2015

We have been using Shipping Easy for the past year, for 3 3DCart websites and an Amazon store. I cannot see us going back to way we used to manage shipments before. All orders sync with SE and with just a few clicks your orders are shipped. Technical support is STELLAR - I wish all tech support personnel were as helpful as SE techies.It is worth the investment.

--- from www.legendaryusa.com. on 7/14/2015

We have been using Shipping Easy for a year now and will not use any other program. It is so easy and integrates with 3dCart, Paypal, etc. Not only is it great for shipping labels, but order management as well. As if all this wasn't enough, the support is top notch! Always friendly, helpful, and patient! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Shipping Easy!

--- from www.thepreppypair.com. on 7/21/2015

We have been using shipping easy for about a year now, and I am not sure how we operated without it. It is easy to use, reliable, and makes shipping from 3dcart or amazon simple. For us, this relationship is essential in our day to day operations.

--- from www.giftpens.com. on 7/29/2015

So, 3dcart does not offer a pick list or pick and pack feature. I have looked for 2 years for an application that can accomplish this. Then I discovered ShippingEasy. Although the set-up is slightly difficult, they have an amazing staff that will hold your hand and help with implementing the application. Their customer service is probably the best I have encountered in the web app environment. I can not recommend this company high enough. We don't even use the postage feature, as we are set up with another company, but I understand if you ship large packages (which we generally don't) you can save quite a bit of money. Don't hesitate to dive into ShippingEasy - you won't regret it!

--- from decalsextremeonline.com. on 10/25/2016