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Multiple Store Sync
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Multiple Store Sync

Manage your inventory across multiple 3dcart stores from one location.
About Multiple Store Sync

For merchants running multiple stores on the 3dcart platform that share the same inventory, the Multiple Stores Inventory Sync plugin will allow to keep real-time inventory across all stores at any time.

One of the stores will work as the Master Store with the centralized inventory, and the additional stores will be child stores that subscribe to the inventory in the main store. Any changes applied to the stock of your products in the master store will propagate automatically to all child stores, and as orders are received on any of the child stores, a real-time update will notify the master store to deduct the corresponding inventory.

Multiple Store Sync
Multiple Store Sync
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Multiple Store Sync Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I purchase this app, is it $49 per month for each store using the app i.e. just for the child store, or child and parent stores?

Asked by: Vaughn (3/6/2017)
A: The cost is just $49/mo per child store. There is no fee for the parent/master store.
Answer provided by: Jimmy (3/10/2017)

Q: Will it update (create a sku) of the inventory thats in the master and not in the child?

Asked by: Coach (2/2/2018)
A: It will not create new products, it'll match them by SKU and only if the product is found then it'll update the STOCK, if the product is not found by matching SKU then it'll just skip it.
Answer provided by: Henry (2/21/2018)

Q: Is this supporting KIT/BUNDLE SKU?

Asked by: DannyL (4/23/2018)
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Q: If I set inventory as requiring minimum 5 of product on parent store, can I set different requirement on other store? Different Price also?

Asked by: Anthony (8/20/2018)
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