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Address Verification
Starts at $9.99/mo

Real-time shipping address verification during the checkout process.

Starts at $60/mo

Allow for fast and complete searches throughout your site based on complete product information areas. Also includes customization and filtering options for the individual search results.

Facebook Connect
by 3dcart

Facebook Connect plugin for 3dcart shopping cart is a highly effective module for allowing visitors to login in 3dcart with their Facebook account. Now comes with "Share Your Purchase".


The 3dcart Quickbooks Plugin is the best and easiest way to integrate your store with Quickbooks! This latest generation of our Quickbooks plugin uses the built-in Quickbooks Web Connector to communicate with your 3dcart store with no additional software to install.

starting at $9.99/monthly
by 3dcart

Quick View
Included Free

3dcart's Quick View module eliminates the typical five-step buying process and allows your customers to make a purchase directly from your category pages.

Quick Order Pad

Quick Order Pad App 3dcart's 'quick order form' app allows your customers to quickly add items to the cart by entering the Part Numbers.

$15/mo or one time $195

3dLiveChat allows you to interact with your customers via live chat while they are browsing your store. Instantly answer any questions or concerns they may have in order to make their buying decision.

$15/mo or one time $195

* Free

Klaviyo is email platform powered by data built for commerce and web businesses

Automatic Google Shopping Feed
Starts at $49.99/Month

3dcart knows the time and effort it takes to set up, and monitor your Google Shopping Feed, so let us do the work for you!

Included Free, No cost to apply

Kabbage is the world’s fastest and easiest way to get a line of credit for your business.


Customize and define personalized messages that will automatically be sent out after an order has been placed.

Make An Offer
Included Free

Choose which products you want to include, define the minimum amount you'd accept and let your customers do the rest.

Quick Cart
Included Free

Quick Cart drastically increases conversions and decreases shopping cart abandonment.

Group Deals
Included Free

By offering a whopping discount on a specific product and limiting it to groups only, you will generate increased revenue while creating a viral marketing environment inside your eCommerce website.

Daily Deals
Included Free

Each Daily Deal box can be featured on pre-defined levels of your eCommerce website for maximum visibility and reach.

Included Free

3dcart Feedback engages your website visitors and captures their feedback along with contact details.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

For merchants who's area laws specify a need to charge taxes using the Value Added Tax rule. (VAT) This feature will display product pricing along with the tax value factored into the product's displayed price.

Multiple Distributors

Process and ship individual items from multiple distribution areas as needed. In other words, have an item shipped from multiple distributors to save on shipping costs when applicable.

3dROI Campaign Tracking

Track the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns with this additional plugin.

Time to Reorder

Send automatic reminders to customers when is time to re-order. Proven to increase sales for goods requiring periodical replacement.

Category Filters
Starts at $199

For merchants looking for tools to classify their products within the store, the category filters add-on can turn specific categories and subcategories into "Category Filters", allowing customers to use these to narrow down results.

Free Trial

Allow your store to process recurring orders for ongoing subscription like services. Provide a way for your customers to have their order refilled and charged at regular intervals.

Multiple Store Inventory Sync
$49 store / mo

Manage your inventory across multiple 3dcart stores from one location.